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“Any Jail, Any Time” is our motto, and we stand by that. All Out Bail Bonds in Sandy, UT offers courteous and confidential bail bond service to residential, commercial and industrial clients across Utah. We have provided basic information about bail bonds to help you better understand the process.

How to Bail Someone Out?

When bailing someone out, they would need someone to sign for the bail amount. That person is signing for the bail amount, guaranteeing that their loved one will appear in court until the case is closed.

What Do We Require if Someone Goes to Jail?

When bailing someone out of jail, we need someone to sign for the bail amount (or a cosigner) to guarantee that the defendant is going to show up at court. We would also need 10% of the bond amount which is the state minimum charge. If the 10% is unavailable to the cosigner, All Out Bail Bonds can arrange no-interest financing of that amount.

We’re With You, 24/7

We are here for your assistance until the very end of the case. We serve statewide, and will go to any jail, anytime. Call us to set up an appointment.